How to Optimize Facebook Business Pages for Phoenix Realtors

Facebook marketing helps Phoenix Realtors connect with prospects and clients in an efficient way. You can establish a brand identity with posts that engage clients with news snippets, property videos and home pictures. Much like other social media, there are best practices to make Facebook marketing for real estate agents more effective.

This includes optimizing your Facebook settings to improve branding and increase traffic to your fan page. You will also earn more Realtor reviews and have more control over the comments left on your Facebook page, which prevents false or malicious posts.

Here are our top 5 tips of how to optimize Facebook pages for Phoenix Realtors:

1. Create a ‘Vanity URL’:

Your new Facebook page will have a generic URL, which will look something like this: ‘facebook/123/business’. This is hard to remember, looks awkward on business cards and does little for branding. You should choose a keyword optimized/brand name URL that is easy to remember for prospects or on business cards, e.g.,

Please note, you will need ’25 likes’ before being able to create a custom Facebook URL. Phoenix real estate agents should earn likes quickly to build their credibility. Consider liking the Facebook pages of professional partners, such as a title company, lenders or CPAs, to build your followers.

Leave a substantive comment on their most recent post to stand apart from the crowd. You should then send a message through a personal FB page introducing yourself and asking them to reciprocate. This strategy and this list will quickly ramp up your Facebook ‘likes’.

Here’s how to create a Vanity URL on Facebook:

• Go to
• Pick “Select a Username” for your page
• Choose the page to create the username for.
• If your page has the needed 25 fans a box will appear.
• Enter a desired username and click on “check availability”
• Click “confirm” or select “cancel” to try another one.

2. Ask ‘A or B Questions’ that get more Facebook Likes and Comments


A Facebook page with sporadic posts makes a company seem disengaged or understaffed. Engage your visitors with interesting content, such as ‘wow pictures’, links to house staging tips or odd AZ real estate facts.
Looking for more comments and Facebook followers? Ask ‘A or B’ questions that get people involved in the discussion. For instance, post two popular neighborhoods and ask which area users prefer. You will likely stoke neighborhood pride and get several comments/likes. Another example is desert landscaping vs. winter grass and what visitors prefer.

3. Target Your Facebook Real Estate Posts to a Location

Be sure to target real estate posts to a location. This may be statewide or by city. By doing so; Realtors will gain exposure to cities, subdivisions and zip codes where they sell homes.

Here is how to target Phoenix real estate marketing to a particular area: Top of the Page>Settings>Targeting

Don’t forget to include a link to your company website when setting up the profile, which helps search engine rankings.

4. Keep Facebook Real Estate Marketing Fun and avoid Technical Data

Posts on Facebook are supposed to be fun! Don’t expect homes to ‘fly off the shelves’, but use your FB page as a means to stay first in the minds of buyers. Social media is mostly for those on lunch breaks or passing time. In general, folks do not come to Facebook looking to buy Phoenix homes. This is a branding tool meant to engage clients with interesting content. You should reserve technical factoids and expertise for in-person meetings or seminars, etc.

5. Manage Facebook Settings to Minimize False Reviews

Realtor reviews improve your online reputation and are a crucial aspect of real estate marketing. However, this also leaves Facebook pages open to malicious reviews or inappropriate comments.

Thankfully, you can fend off attempts to hurt your reputation by managing Facebook settings. Realtors will avoid half-hearted attempts to sabotage their reviews by requiring comments in order to leave a star rating. Your page visitors must then give feedback in addition to simply clicking on stars.

Here is an outline to remove star ratings and require Facebook comments to earn better Realtor reviews: Settings: Page info>Remove Address>Uncheck box of ‘Show this map on your Page and enable check-ins.’

Do you have questions on managing your Realtor Facebook page? Contact our Phoenix real estate marketing team at 480-237-4527 for assistance.

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