How to Optimize Google + Pages in 5 Easy Steps

Google + continues to gain popularity for real estate marketing in Phoenix. The platform now boasts over 60 million users and allows you to connect with targeted groups through ‘circles’. In terms of branding; Google + Business Pages have multimedia features that are crucial to Realtor marketing. You can add photos or videos that show homes, cities or neighborhoods that attract buyers to listings. This is crucial to a visual industry such as real estate.

While Google+ makes connecting easy; many real estate agents do not fully optimize Google + pages to increase their results. A well optimized Google + page increases your online presence though higher search rankings, increased traffic and more conversions.

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Here are 5 easy tips to optimize a Google + page and get found online:

  1. Complete your Google + ‘About Us’ Section:

Many Realtors do not complete their ‘About Us’ section or have minimal information. This may negatively affect your Google + account in several ways. Much like other web content, internet search engines crawl your Google + content for keywords and information that match queries. The Google Keyword Planner is a simple way to research terms and traffic for your profile. (Just sign in with your GMAIL account)

You should write a ~300 word description that contains keywords that match your industry. As an example, ‘Phoenix real estate agent’, ‘Arizona homes’, ‘Realtors’. Be sure to geo-target your keywords for niche traffic, i.e. ‘homes for sale in Glendale’.

Secondly, a complete About Us section helps visitors understand if your business matches their interests, which attracts more qualified contacts. This is important for the many Realtor specialties, such as ‘raw land sales’ or ‘investor real estate’. While not easy to define, a more robust profile also improves the visitor experience and could improve search rankings.

Our Real Estate Marketing team is happy to help with questions on writing your Google + About Us section and choosing keywords. Contact:

  1. Post Information across Your Social Media

Why only limit your exposure to Google+? Post tidbits, new listings and Realtor videos across platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Since real estate is a product of common interest; you can connect with different audiences and expand outreach. For instance, your circle of Escrow Officers and Lenders will leverage your post of a positive review to their clients for more referrals. Similarly, that same review can be posted to Facebook with a short snippet to gain more ‘Likes’

It is easy to automate the process of posting across with Social Media with Hoot Suite or Buffer. (Each has a free trial) Real estate agents who post 3 times or more per week may consider the monthly fee worthwhile, while beginners should consider manual entry to start.

  1. Include a Link to Your Website so a Google+ Link shows next to Company Search Results

Is your Google + Business Page linked back to a website? This creates a ‘backlink’ that increases conversions as visitors can navigate to your site and learn more/request information.

Linking your site and Google + Page also increases click-through-rates on search results. How? A link to the company’s Google + Page will be displayed next to their search result. This includes links to your Google + Reviews, which builds credibility when folks type in your name after referrals, etc.

As an example, when someone types in Starbucks, this appears:

3 Google reviews · Google+ page

La Mirada Shopping Center, 8912 East Pinnacle Peak Road #8
Scottsdale, AZ
(480) 502-0265
To complete the process, your web developer/IT support will need to embed a code on the website.

Questions on linking your Google + page to a website? Contact us at

  1. Add Links to other Websites that have Value for Your Clients

Be a one-stop source of information for your visitors. Include links to your partners (Title Company, mortgage officer) and ask those folks to reciprocate. Get proactive and reach out to potential partners and ask to be including in their links section with mention of the value you offer.

A personal blog, broker website and social media profiles should also be included in this section.

Do you have links in your Google +?

  1. Claim a Custom Google + URL that improves Branding

Most Google + URLs have a generic URL (web address) with random numbers and letters, such as This limits branding and looks awkward on business cards or other materials.

Thankfully, you can claim a custom Google+ profile once a page reaches 10 followers and has over 30 days of history. As an example, You must also have a profile photo.

If you do not see a ‘Get URL’ invite on your Google + Page, do the following: About>Links Section> Get URL

Simply contact for help with claiming a custom Google+ URL


Real estate marketing in Phoenix should give Realtors the broadest exposure to a targeted audience. Google + circles can be a time and cost effective way to expand your reach in 2015 and beyond. The Driggs Title Agency marketing team is happy to advise Phoenix Realtors on optimizing their Google + pages and other social media accounts.

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