5 Awesome Facebook Tools for Realtors

Facebook for Realtors is a time and cost-efficient way for real estate professionals to reach exactly who they want. However, many agents are not aware of the Facebook tools that make this possible or the value it offers. This includes demographic targeting by place, income, interests and a slew of filters to find qualified buyers or interested sellers. List targeting is another tool to find who from your database is on Facebook and target them with strategic posts. I actually found a realtor on facebook and thats how I found out about a Ranch and Farm Land in Liberty Hill.

Facebook for Real Estate
Facebook Tools for Real Estate

What happens when you reach qualified buyers or sellers? Yes, there are best practices to structure Facebook posts for real estate agents. Whether a Page Like from a qualified buyer, a home analysis lead in your target subdivision, or driving traffic to an Open House; how and what you say affects your success with Facebook marketing.

So, how can Arizona real estate agents jump-start their Facebook pages?

Here are 5 Facebook Tools for success:

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Facebook Demographic Targeting

Facebook Demographic Targeting
Reach Who You Want

Accurate data is hard to collect and expensive to buy. Secondly, internet users are tight-lipped about their personal lives and/or less than completely honest.

Thankfully, Facebook does the data mining for you by tracking the internet behavior of it’s users. Most FB users are always logged into the social platform. Test this yourself by typing in facebook.com, does your page automatically pop up?

How does it work? Through the use of ‘internet cookies’; Facebook creates a demographic profile of users based on what they do online. This includes what websites they recently visited, what they’re buying online, who they’re friends with, the FB pages they LIKE and countless other actions.

 For instance, the below behaviors may suggest a qualified Buyer lead:

·         Recently searched homes on Zillow

·         Liked the Lending Tree Facebook page

·         Shopped for Baby Strollers on Amazon

·         Visited the Lexus website

 Our popular class: ‘Use Facebook’s New Tools like a PRO’ shows how to target the above and other demographics to capture more qualified leads.

Increase Client Retention with List Targeting

Has your past buyer listed that home with another Realtor? Have you spent lots of time with a buyer only to have them purchase with another agent?

Each of these scenarios is partly a function of your DRIP system.

Real estate is a long sales cycle. Years can pass between transactions, which makes it difficult to consistently engage your clients  While postcards, emails and newsletters have a place; these tools are mostly geared to shorter sales cycles, such as restaurants, retail or similar services.

Meanwhile, Facebook is an engaging platform where users spend large shares of their personal time.

 Is Facebook a part of your client retention strategy?

Client Retention for Realtors
Increase Client Retention

Using FB Ad tools you can:

  • Upload a list of emails to determine who has a Facebook page
  • Target Posts to Your Page Likes and Friends of those who’ve liked your page

Whether page likes or action-oriented posts to past buyers and sellers; Facebook list targeting is a powerful tool that takes minutes to implement.

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Facebook Lead Pages: Increase Conversions.

Facebook for Realtors
Facebook Lead Pages Increase Conversions

Have you submitted your name, email or phone# to get something? This was done through a lead page/squeeze page.

A Squeeze/Lead Page is simply where your potential leads enter their information to receive a ‘hook’. This hook may be a FREE Buyer’s Guide, Scottsdale Home Analysis or any other material in exchange for name, email or phone#. This sounds simple in theory, however, most leads are reluctant to submit this data.

Even a user-friendly lead page that reaffirms the value of your offer can suffer high bounce rates; where a lead visits but leaves without submitting.

Thankfully, Facebook has unveiled ‘auto fill’ Lead Pages that populate with the user’s name, email and phone# from their Facebook account. This feature overcomes the barriers of doubt and time that undermine many squeeze page conversions.

Note: Using Facebook Lead Pages requires you to follow a certain format using the FB ad platform.

Driggs Title Agency shows real estate agents across Phoenix and Scottsdale how to use Facebook Lead Pages with success.

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Facebook Live Video : Increase Engagement

Videos have higher engagement rates than text or even photos, which translates to clicks, likes, shares or comments, etc.

Why? That ‘Click to Play’ arrow is tough to resist! Secondly, videos simply require less energy of the audience, which matches the feel of Facebook where users come to relax and visit friends.

With Facebook Live Video; you can engage target audiences with content that does not require much time or energy. Visitors may type in questions and ask comments as you show a listing or do a neighborhood tour. 

Here’s an example of a Realtor who attended our class putting Facebook LIVE for real estate to work. Check out the great engagement!

 Examples of Facebook Live for Real Estate Agents include:

  • Video Listing Presentation
  • Video Open House
  • Office Tour Video and Team Intro
  • Q+A Session with a Lenders/other Partners
  • Client Testimonials

Re-purposing your Facebook Live Video after it’s been shot often has the most benefit. Your Live audience is affected by who is on Facebook at the time and the video length, among other factors.

Once completed, the Video is on your timeline and can be boosted using the demographic and list targeting strategies covered earlier. For instance, a Gilbert Real Estate Agent could boost her Video Listing presentation to homeowners in target zip codes.

How do you access FB Live Video? What should you name the video?

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Post Structure: Connect with your Audience

It’s important to remember WHY people are on Facebook. They’re posting fun pics, connecting with friends or chatting with family.

First time buyers or homeowners interested in selling are on Facebook but that’s not WHY they’re on FB.  Your job as a marketer is to capture their attention and show the value of your post.

Below is an outline to do just that:

  • Speak to Your Audience/Headline: ‘STOP Renting and START Owning’ or ‘Affordable Golf Course Condos in Scottsdale. Leave the Winters Behind.
  • Value Proposition: What’s in it for your audience? What problems does your post solve or how does it make their lives better/easier?
  • Call to Action: LIKE to ….GET Your….DOWNLOAD Your…
  • Hook: What will they get if they take your call to action? ‘FREE Phoenix Buyers’ Guide or ‘Scottsdale Home Analysis‘ are examples.

Learn how to put these concepts into actions. The Driggs Title Agency teams looks forward to meeting you at class.