5 Easy Tips for Real Estate Agents to get Online Reviews

Arizona real estate reviews affect consumer decisions much like other products, but with higher stakes. Choosing a real estate agent has an impact on finances and lifestyle that exceed other purchases. Unlike a TV or computer, buying a home has an impact on the entire family in terms of schools, commute times and equity potential.

Meanwhile, brokers rely on Realtor reviews as a time and cost-efficient complement to direct mail, TV, or radio. The conversion rate for client referrals from website testimonials or positive comments on Google+ is also typically higher. This makes the ROI of a targeted plan to get more agent reviews among the highest for Arizona real estate marketing.

So, how can agents get more real estate reviews? Here are 5 ideas to consider:

1) Identify Review Opportunities in the Sales Cycle
2) Create a System to get Real Estate Agent Reviews
3) Add Value with Your Review Requests
4) Incentivize Reviews with Offers that Further the Sales Process
5) Cater Review Requests to the AZ Real Estate Market

1. Identify Chances to Earn Business Reviews in the Sales Cycle
The real estate sales cycle includes several conversions where agents make life easier for their clients. By expanding the concept of ‘wins’ or ‘losses’; brokers will earn more reviews and improve their customer service in the process.

Quality Control
For instance, a buyer’s agent solves headaches for a business owner with referrals to mortgage lenders that specialize in self-employed borrowers. Conversely, a review campaign may show this is where you lose business owners and a broader network of lenders is needed.

A broker that sells raw land could ask for reviews after making zoning codes clear. An agent may help investors uncover ownership issues with a Phoenix Title Agency that has expertise in distressed properties. This approach results in reviews from clients who may not even buy or sell a home with you.

Aside from the buy/sell transaction; where do you solve problems and add value?

More Tips:

  • Improve your CTR (click-through-rate) with value driven subject lines. Clients mostly ignore or delete generic subjects. ‘A special homes report on {Address} from {Your Name}’ with recent home comps will be clicked more than ‘Review request’.
  • Customize the review request to the problem solved, e.g. ‘Please provide feedback on our response to your home comparison request’ or ‘title agency referral’. A template email with a {request} tag makes it easy to customize.
  • Set an expectation of reviews. Mention an ‘agent performance review’ as part of the closing process ahead of time so clients have time to gather their thoughts.
  • Profile clients for social media usage. Then capitalize on review windows in the sales cycle with links to sites you know the prospect uses. (Facebook, Google +, etc.)
  • Ask non-tech savvy clients for a written testimonial, then take a picture and embed on your website, or upload to Google + and FB page.

Looking for a way to stop negative reviews from going viral? Driggs Title Agency in Phoenix can advise on how to create an internal survey to identify client concerns ahead of time. Contact us at 480-237-4527 for this and more tips.

2. Customize a Real Estate Review System
How can you make it simpler for clients to leave reviews? Reviews are a function of how easy it is for clients to share their thoughts. A flexible strategy that captures reviews on multiple platforms will increase review conversions along with the quality of responses.

Thankfully, basic contact information gives us all we need to engage clients and get more business reviews. Agents may filter clients by popular social media channels to implement a contact strategy with broad benefits to managing the sales cycle.

Google + Review Strategy:
• Filter clients with GMAIL accounts who can readily leave reviews on your Google + account without creating a new profile.
• Send an email review request with link to your Google + Profile.
• Include a brief snippet on the mechanics of leaving a review. Driggs Title Agency created this video that outlines how to leave a review on Google+, which can be emailed to clients.

Business Owner Strategy:

Self-employed clients understand the importance and difficulty of getting reviews. As a result, the conversion rate on these requests is higher. Agents may consider a template email for business owners that states: ‘As fellow business owners, we can both appreciate the importance of reviews to improve our service..etc.’.

More Tips:
Add social media icons in your email signature so clients can stay in touch and choose the site that is best for them.
• Ask for reviews early and often. The chances of a review decrease with time

3. Earn more Online Reviews by Adding Value with Your Requests
No matter how small, remember to provide some benefit as part of your review request. This is particularly true for past clients, whose memories of your hard work may have faded.

Send a year-end email asking clients if they need HUD statements for their taxes or include an updated homes comparison. Your clients will be impressed and the review request will fit naturally, as opposed to being pesky.

Special Offer

Please note: It’s ‘ok’ to get more than 1 online review from a client, so long as the feedback is unique. A first time home buyer who raved about you a few years ago can applaud your service ‘after the sale’ with a Net Sheet that shows now may be a chance to upgrade homes. Consider varying platforms, so a Google+ reviewer from the past gives feedback on Facebook, etc.

Driggs Title Agency has an integrated CRM Portal with access to recorded or finalized documents that can be sent to clients as part of your follow-up. Call 480-237-4527 for a tour and contact clients with more purpose.

4. Use Incentives to Further the Sales Process and Receive More Realtor Reviews

Build reciprocity with other professionals to encourage reviews and move clients to the next stages. After a home tour, you could send: ‘Get 10% off your home inspection with Company XYZ for leaving a review of our services’. You can partner with mortgage lenders, home inspectors or a Phoenix Title Agency, as examples.


  • Be transparent and avoid hidden clauses, such as the home must be bought or sold with you.
  • Track results and focus on offers that move clients along the process, NOT those that are most accepted.

5. Understand the Local Market to get more Reviews
Getting more real estate agent reviews should consider the local market. Arizona homes attract interest from across the country. Real estate investors, out-of-state transplants and retirees have separate objectives but require common results. The weak dollar also brings Canadians and overseas investors to buy prime Arizona real estate.


Conversion is higher when requests cater to the client’s niche and goals. For instance, a Canadian investor will appreciate your referral to a lender who specializes in mortgages for foreign nationals. This would be an ideal review opportunity as you have resolved a concern unique to this client.


Buying and selling homes has a unique sales cycle with multiple players. As part of our Phoenix escrow services; Driggs Title Agency has marketing tools that help agents better engage their clients and increase home sales.

Please contact our real estate agent marketing team at 480-237-4527 for tips to implement your own review strategy.