Facebook LIVE for Real Estate Agents in Arizona

Facebook LIVE is among the new and exciting tools from the world’s most popular social site. Along with Facebook Lead Pages; the LIVE video feature enables businesses across industries to more effectively engage with their audiences.

This includes real estate, which has a unique sales cycle compared to other niches. Facebook Live for real estate helps agents across Phoenix and Scottsdale overcome hurdles that many Realtors face on a daily basis. These hurdles include: Time and Money.

Much like any tool; Facebook Live video is more effective with a plan that maximizes your ROI of both time and money.

Here’s how to get started with  Facebook LIVE to increase results , add value to your clients and sell more homes:

Know the Basics:

LIVE is user-friendly with a small learning curve. You will also have more confidence, save time and shoot better videos with just a few basics.

Your Mobile Phone# must match your Facebook Account. Otherwise, the option to shoot LIVE video will not be available. (at this time) Only videos from your mobile device can be shot at this time.

How to Use Facebook Live:

From your mobile phone:

Update Status. Simply where you write a post, tag someone or check in at a location.

You will see an icon that looks like below:


Name Your Video and Choose Who can watch Live:


Choose if you’d like any FB user or just your Friends to be eligible to watch the video live. Special offers for Facebook friends only may be good ideas for the ‘Friends only’ feature, while the ‘Public’ option is better suited for maximum reach.


Use a Keyword friendly title. This allows Facebook to notify users with similar interests that you are love. For instance, ‘Mesa Open House’ or ‘1st time Home Buyer Workshop in Scottsdale’ grabs the attention of potential viewers compared to generic titles.

 Hit ‘GO LIVE’ . Lights,camera, action!


You will see a countdown clock and then you’re live.

Press ‘STOP’ to end your live video.

Tips: After Your Video…What Comes Next?

Similar to other posts; FB Live videos stay on your timeline. This enables those who weren’t able watch live an opportunity to check out what they missed. Additionally, the video can be boosted to target audiences to engage qualified leads for Page Like or leads capture.

For instance, a LIVE video Open House in Arrowhead can be sent to be first time buyers and renters making $40k plus in that area. Meanwhile, a video listing presentation could be boosted to homeowners in your target zip codes or cities. This feature is perhaps what most separates Facebook Live Video for Real Estate from other platforms, such as Periscope or Snapchat, which have limited shelf lives for video posts.

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