5 Simple Twitter Tips for Real Estate Agents

Realtors may struggle managing the ‘here and now’ nature of Twitter with the longer sales process of real estate. Unlike quick conversions on e-commerce sites; Realtors manage a longer sales cycle from listing to closing.

Thankfully, there a many ways to optimize Twitter for real estate agents to gain exposure, improve branding and sell more homes.

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Here are 5 tips for Realtors to kickstart their real estate marketing with Twitter:

1.Choose a Twitter Handle that Builds YOU as a Brand

Real estate sales are a relationship between an agent and his/her client. While brokerage names have cache; home buyers remember their agent by name rather than RE/MAX or HomeSmart. Consider a Twitter handle that builds your brand, whether it is by name or specialty.

For instance, a new Realtor who wants to focus on Arcadia homes may choose @85018Realtor or @ArcadiaRealtor. This drives folks who search for Arcadia homes or 85018 to their Twitter profile, which should link to your FB or Google + as well. Be descriptive and know the best hashtags for your specialty. Click here for how to connect Twitter with Facebook.



Angelena. Love for homes & my city. Follow my tweets & come talk to me. I tweet local listings,news, issues & politics.

Meanwhile, an experienced Realtor may choose @FirstandLastName so referrals can easily find him/her. Please note: Your Twitter handle counts towards the 140 word tweet limit.

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  1. Avoid including a Link for Every Single Tweet

A link in each post comes off as spam or content that has little value. You should only have links to tweets that call for action, such as a contact form for a property or registering for an Open House. As an example, a link to a contact form makes sense for your newest listing, but not recognizing the great food at a restaurant in your target area.

Images without links also ramp up social shares since there is no article to read before re-tweeting. Do not include links with obvious photos that tell the whole story and you should get more re-tweets/followers.

  1. Be the ‘First to Market’ by engaging Twitter Users in Your Focus Cities

Products that hit the market first enjoy more success than those waiting for the perfect time to launch. Similarly, you will be ‘first to market’ with potential home buyers by engaging users in your area. Send @ replies to tweets from family restaurants, local dry cleaners and locals in your area. The decision to buy or sell real estate often starts months earlier and Twitter makes it efficient to stay first in their minds when that time comes.

Remember to tweet past clients as well! They will be more likely to refer you clients as they hear chatter around the office or in social circles. In some cases, these clients may be ready to sell the same home they bought with you years earlier.

  1. Use ‘News Hawking’ to Rank Your Tweets in Search Results

Google and Twitter recently reached a deal to show tweets in search results, which makes it easier to find social content. Your timely re-tweets of community news, such as a new subdivision or real estate updates, may rank high on Google searches for that information.

As an example, a Scottsdale realtor may re-tweet news of plans to build homes in Grayhawk from AZCentral or the Phoenix Business Journal. You should title the tweet to match the headline of the article or video.

  1. Complete Your 160 Word Twitter Profile

We are given 160 words to describe ourselves and what we do. Write a profile that packs a punch with phrases and keywords that attract the most relevant followers. Examples are: ‘I’m Gilbert Realtor that specializes in Val Vista Lakes homes for sale and Cooley Station real estate’.

Avoid going overboard and ensure the profile is readable. For this same reason, avoid #hastags in the bio unless it is for a Twitter chat that you are involved in, such as ‘join me for #twitterchatname’. More on Twitter chats in a future post.

  1. Bonus Tip- Give your Profile Picture an SEO-Friendly Name

Instead of ‘Pic1’ or ‘TwitterPic’; save your photo with a keyword friendly file name. This may be your full name or whatever the Twitter handle, such as ‘KierlandRealtor’, etc.


The growth of Twitter for real estate agents uses similar best practices for other business owners with a few tweaks.

Please contact us with questions or call 480-237-4568. Don’t forget to ask about our Realtor reviews that rank high on search engines and get you found online!